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powerfully delicate

A client needed a logo and packaging for their new product; an energy drink that is targeted towards breastfeeding mothers. The design is feminine and simple to invoke the feeling of peace and relaxation that busy moms need. MomMe communicates that moms need me time too, and that selfishness is not selfless. The physical product is still in the works and i'm looking forward to seeing it in stores.


Lilith is a conceptual perfume brand I created for a personal project. I utilized my illustration skills to create a tarot card inspired brand with packaging that creates a feeling of whimsy, power, and mystery. This project is special to me as it is what really got me excited to design work. It was very fun to incorporate my personal style in a project and really explore my talents.

To help a client decide on a name for their product, I designed some sample packaging for each name to help them choose. Heirloom invokes a feeling of love, homestyle cooking, and wholesome ingredients. Feast is inspired by the cultures of the Mediterranean, fresh ingredients, and bold flavors.

Salad Dressing Concepts:


not the hallucinogenic

Ayahuasca is a small independent natural skin care brand that needed some packaging and labels. I drew a leaf pattern for the boxes to have a creative natural look, and worked with black and white to show the simplicity of their products. The swing tag has a sheet of vellum for the front, and thin cork board for the backing. This packaging system consists of swing tags with a transparent vellum front sheet, bottom of container informational sticker, and shipping boxes.

Artboard 22.png
Artboard 24.png

Hop Up North:
lumberjack libations

Beard’s brewery needed a conceptual redesign for their Hop Up North IPA. This is a concept I showed them with a simpler design, and also a more masculine and autumnal feeling than the original design. Since it is an imperial red IPA, I used red as the main color and flannel to show overall autumn coziness and lumberjack vibes. Craft beer needs a crafty look!

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